Name Author(s)   Globelics held in:
Forms of governance, learning mechanisms and localized innovation: a comparative analysis in local productive systems in Brazil Campos, Renato Ramos and Vargas, Marco Antonio  G_Br_003.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
The Brazilian system of innovation: old truths, new illusions and real challenges Cassiolato, José Eduardo and Lastres, Helena M. M.  G_Br_009.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Systems of innovation, clusters and industrial districts: analytical and policy implications of convergence and differences in the approaches Lastres, Helena M. M.  and Cassiolato, José Eduardo  G_Br_013.pdf Pretoria, South Africa  
The Brazilian experience in support of small firms: the promotion of local productive systems Lemos, Cristina; Arroio, Ana and Lastres, Helena M.M G_Br_004.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Local productive and creative systems in Brazil: competence building, sustainability and competitiveness in the case of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro Matos, Marcelo  G_Br_019.pdf Trivandrum, India  
Using the approach of local productive arrangements and systems for the analysis of creative industries in Brazil: the case of Conservatória Matos, Marcelo and Lemos, Cristina  G_Br_014.pdf Pretoria, South Africa  
Telecommunications system of innovation in Brazil: development and recent chalenges Szapiro, Marina and Cassiolato, José Eduardo  G_Br_005.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Global governance, agro-industrial innovation systems and local development strategies: empirical evidences from the tobacco agroindustry in Brazil Vargas, Marco Antonio  G_Br_007.pdf Beijing, China  
Russian Federation
Russia: A New Innovation System for the New Economy Gokhberg, Leonid G_Ru_002.pdf Rio de janeiro, Brazil  
Dynamics of innovation systems amidst neo-liberal globalisation: lessons from India Abrol, Dinesh G_In_001.pdf Beijing, China  
The challenge of transformation of Indian system(s) of innovation Abrol, Dinesh G_In_024.pdf Trivandrum, India  
GPTs and innovation systems in developing countries: a comparative analysis of ICT experiences in India and Thailand Joseph, K.J.and Intarakumnerd, Patarapong  G_In_002.pdf Beijing, China  
The evolution of a developing country innovation system during economic liberalization: the case of India Krishnan, Rishikesha T G_In_007.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Transforming grassroots innovators & traditional knowledge into a formal innovation system: a critique of the Indian experience Krishnan, Rishikesha T G_In_005.pdf Pretoria, South Africa  
The incremental innovator vs the trader contrasts between the sectoral systems of innovation of the Indian pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries Mani, Sunil  G_In_010.pdf Trivandrum, India  
The role of sectoral innovation system in the development of dairy in India Mehra, Kavita  G_In_026.pdf Trivandrum, India  
Organisational learning and the gender: an empirical analysis of software firms in India Mehra, Kavita and Dhawan, Sunil K G_In_003.pdf Beijing, China  
Name Author(s)   Globelics held in:
NIS transformation and recombination learning in China Gu, Shulin  G_Ch_001.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
The role of market in transition of agricultural production and innovation system Gu, Shulin  G_Ch_063.pdf Beijing, China  
The determinants of regional innovation efficiency: stochastic frontier evidences from China patent production Li, Xibao  G_Ch_049.pdf Beijing, China  
The effects of in-house R&D and technology purchases on innovation capability: empirical evidences from Chinese hi-tech industries 1995-2004 Li, Xibao and Wu, Guisheng  G_Ch_135.pdf Trivandrum, India  
The growth of Chinese high-tech industry from NSF perspective Liu, Xielin  G_Ch_048.pdf Beijing, China  
Integrating in global value chains and upgrading in local clusters: a discussion from the footwear cluster, Wenzhou Wang, Jici G_Ch_060.pdf Beijing, China  
Innovation system and transformation of the agricultural sector in China, with the case of Shouguang city Wu, Guisheng; Tu, Jun and Gu, Shulin  G_Ch_003.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
South Africa
Networking? Not working! Research note on co-evolution in the South African innovation system Lorentzen, Jo G_Af_021.pdf Trivandrum, India  
The South African telecoms innovation system and the diffusion of broadband Naidoo, Raven; Kaplan, Dave and Fransman, Martin  G_Af_010.pdf Pretoria, South Africa  
Marketing, innovation and performance in the South African wine industry Wood, Eric and Kaplan, David  G_Af_004.pdf Beijing, China  
Conceptual and comparative studies
Hastening catching up by harnessing southern innovation system Joseph, K J  G_EC_004.pdf Pretoria, South Africa  
Systems of innovation and development Lastres, Helena M.M G_ET_016.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
“Lateral migration” in resource-intensive economies: technological learning and industrial policy Lorentzen, Jo G_ET_005.pdf Pretoria, South Africa  
Coping with globalisation public R&D projects in telecommunications technologies in developing countries Mani, Sunil  G_ET_079.pdf Beijing, China  
The dragon vs. the elephant: comparative analysis of innovation capability in the telecommunications equipment industry in China and India Mani, Sunil  G_EC_005.pdf Pretoria, South Africa  
Learning and cooperation for innovation at local level: conceptual aspects and indicators of RedeSist Tatsch, Ana Lúcia; Torres, Rodolfo; Almeida, Sérgio and Cassiolato, José Eduardo  G_ET_029.pdf Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
How globalized are R&D activities: some evidence from BRICS countries Zucoloto, Graziela Ferrero and Cassiolato, José Eduardo  G_EC_008.pdf Trivandrum, India