Challenges of India’s Innovation System

National and Sectoral Perspectives
Organized as Part of the BRICS Project @ CDS Trivandrum, 18th August 2009

10:00am to 1: 00 pm

Session 1
Chair: Shyama Ramani

Background paper 
K J Joseph, Mahesh Sarma and Vinoj Abraham 

Demand, Institutions and limits on Market Size 
Smita Sreenivas 

<Open discussion>

 1:00 to 2: 30



2: 30pm to 5: 00pm

Session 2
Chair: Smita Srinivas

Arijita Dutta Innovation and Traditional Medical systems
Shyama Ramani Innovation for the poor: The Case of Toilets in Rural India
K J Joseph & V Abraham Lagging Hardware and booming Software: An Innovation System Perspective
Latha Nagarajan Crop seed Market

<Open discussion>