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Conference Programme
3-6 November Rio de Janeiro

Monday 3 November - Auditorium Arino Ramos Ferreira

9h - 10h30min - WELCOME
  • Authorities: 30 minutes
  • Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Why Globelics?
  • Jose Cassiolato, Globelics: a Southern perspective
10h30min - Coffee Break

11h - 13h - Plenary Opening Session
  • Message from Chris Freeman: What role for innovation in social and economic development?
  • Richard Nelson: Economic catch-up. Institutions and national innovation systems
  • Lars Mjøset: Innovation systems and Interactionist Social Theory
  • Luciano Coutinho: Innovation, nation states and development
Discussant: Giovanni
DosiModerator: Shulin Gu

13h - Lunch

14h-16h - Plenary Session 1: The challenges of the third millennium
  • Luc Soete, No exit: a voice for Globelics? Reflections on research on global governance
  • João Caraça, The transformations of technology by science: implications and interrogations
  • Frieder Meyer-Krahmer and Rainer Walz, Innovation and sustainability in economic development
Discussant: Martin Fransman
Moderator: Adilson de Oliveira

16h - Coffee Break

16h30min-18h30min Plenary Session 2: The role of government and policy
  • José Luiz Fiori, National states, economies, empires and globalisation
  • Carlota Perez, Rethinking globalization after the collapse of the financial bubble
  • Erik Reinert, Modern nation-states in a historical perspective - is there a role for the national developmental state?
Discussant: Björn
JohnsonModerator: Jan Fagerberg

Tuesday 4 November

9h - 10h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Plenary Session 3: National innovation systems and development
  • Björn Johnson, Charles Edquist and Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Economic Development and National System of innovation Approach
  • Rodrigo Arocena and Judith Sutz, Understanding underdevelopment today: new perspectives on NSI
  • Helena Lastres, National systems of innovation and development
Discussant: Olman
SeguraModerator: Tania Bacelar

10h30min - Coffee Break

11h - 12h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Theme G: Measuring knowledge and other intangibles
  • Danielle Archibugi and Alberto Coco, A new indicator of technological capabilities for developed and developing countries
  • Gustavo Lugones and Fernando Peirano, The innovation surveys in Latin America: results and methodological novelties
  • Manuel Godinho, S. Mendonça and T. Pereira, Mapping innovation systems: a framework based on innovation surveys data
Discussant: Jan Fagerberg
Moderator: Mariana Rebouças

11h - 12h30min - Room 7
Theme A: The challenges of the third millennium
  • Birgitte Andersen, Intellectual property right or intellectual monopoly privilege: which one should patent analyses focus on?
  • Olmann Segura and Birgitte Gregersen, A learning and innovation capability approach to social and ecological sustainability
  • Peter Gammeltoft, Globalisation and Regulation in the Information Economy
Discussant: Andrew Tylecote
Moderator: Paulo Alvim

11h - 12h30min - Room 13
Theme C: The transformation of innovation systems:
  • Pekka Ylæ Antilla and Tarmo Lemola, Transformation of innovation system in a small country - elements of success in Finland
  • Arlindo Villaschi, The 1990s - a lost decade for the Brazilian NSI?
  • Pun-arj Chairatana and Bach Tan Sihn, Strategising ASEAN agro-innovation system: the case of Thailand and Vietnam
Discussant: Mammo
MuchieModerator: Abdelkader Djeflat

11h - 12h30min - Room 14
RedeSist Presentation

12h30min - Lunch

14h - 16h - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Theme E: Building development on a base of local and regional innovation systems
  • Guisheng WU, Jun TU and Shulin GU, Innovation system and transformation of the agricultural sector in China, with the case of Shouguang City
  • Roberto Bisang, Diffusion process in networks: the case of transgenic soybean in Argentina
  • Nilson de Paula and Victor Pelaez, Competence building on technology regulation: the Monsanto's experience on GMOs
Discussant and Moderator: Judith Sutz

14h - 16h - Room 7
Theme D: Investment and innovation systems
  • Andrew Tylecote, Finance and corporate governance in the Chinese national system of innovation: macro and micro, national and international implications
  • Yun-Chung Chen, Dancing with the wolves: localization of multinational corporations' R&D centers in Shangai
  • Cristina Lemos, Ana Arroio and Helena Lastres, The Brazilian experience in support of small firms: promoting local productive systems
Discussant: Morris Teubal
Moderator: Rosalba Casas

14h - 16h - Room 13
Theme C: The transformation of innovation systems:
  • Carlo Pietrobelli and Sanjaya Lall, National technology systems in developing African countries: the nature and deficiencies of technological effort
  • Angathevar Baskraran and Mammo Muchie, Indian national system of innovation and globalisation: some lessons for African national system of innovation
  • Renato Campos and Marco Vargas, Forms of governance, learning mechanisms and localized innovation: a comparative analysis in local productive systems in Brazil
Discussant: Paulo
TigreModerator: Marilene Carvalho

14h - 16h - Room 14
IBGE Presentation

Wednesday 5 November 9h-10h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Theme F: Social capital and competence building in the learning society
  • Rosalba Casas, Networks and interactive learning between firms and academic institutions: social capital for local development
  • Abdelkader Djeflat, Local innovations systems, learning institutions and social capital in low knowledge-based economy: the case of Maghreb countries
  • Rodrigo Arocena and Judith Sutz, Learning divides, social capital and the roles of universities
Discussant: Manuel Heitor
Moderator: Vinicius Lages

9h - 10h30min - Room 7
Theme B: National innovation systems and development
  • Eduardo Viotti, Technological learning systems, competitiveness and development
  • Daniel Chudnovsky and Andrés Lopez, Structural reforms and innovation activities: the case of Argentina
  • Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque, Immature national systems of innovation: introducing a comparison between Brazil, Mexico, India and South Africa
Discussant: Danielle Archibugi
Moderator: Gabriela Dutrenit

9h - 10h30min - Room 13
Theme C: The transformation of innovation systems
  • Patarapong Intarakumnerd and Pun-arj Chairatana, Shifting S&T policy paradigm: an experience of an RTO in Thailand
  • Roberto Mazzoleni, The role of universities and public research in the catching-up process
Discussant: Pekka Ylæ Antilla
Moderator: Ana Célia Castro

9h - 10h30min - Room 14
IBGE Presentation

10h30min - Coffee Break

11h - 12h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Theme H: Innovation systems and frontier technologies
  • Martin Fransman, Knowledge and sectoral innovation systems: the mobile communications industry evolved largely by getting things wrong
  • Gabriel Yoguel, Marta Novick, Dario Milesi, Sonia Roitter and José Borello, Knowledge and information. The diffusion of ICT in the Argentinean manufacturing industry
  • Marina Szapiro and José Cassiolato, The telecom innovation system in Brazil: development and recent challenges
Discussant: Birgitte Andersen
Moderator: Clélia Piragibe

11h - 12h30min - Room 7
Theme D: Investment and innovation systems
  • Anthony D. Heher, Return on investment in innovation: implications for institutions and national agencies
  • Jorge Niosi, Regional systems of innovation as evolving complex systems
  • Maria Graça Derengowski Fonseca, Institutional and financial requirements for the emergence of biotechnology in Brazil
Discussant: Peter Gammeltoft
Moderator: Alexandre Vera Cruz

11h - 12h30min - Room 13
Theme E: Building development on a base of local and regional innovation systems
  • Gabriela Dutrenit and Alexandre Vera Cruz, Clustering SME with maquilas in a local context: benefiting from knowledge spillover
  • Santiago Roca, Immisering innovation and structural change: a hypotheses for the Mexican manufacturing sector
  • Mauro Borges Lemos, Automotive MNCs location strategies in LDCs and articulation with national systems of innovation
Discussant: Gustavo Lugones
Moderator: Charles Edquist

11h - 12h30min - Room 14
RedeSist Presentation

12h30min - Lunch

14h - 16h - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Theme D: Investment and innovation systems
  • Gil Avnimelech and Morris Teubal, Government promotion of learning and innovation in SMEs of industrializing economies: subsidies, venture capital and private equity
  • Daniel Chudnovsky and Andrés Lopez, Foreign direct investment and national innovation system: a case study of Argentina in the '90s
  • Luiz Martins Melo, , financing and local systems of production
Discussant: Rishikesha
KrishnanModerator: Björn Johnson

14h - 16h - Room 7
Theme B: National innovation systems and development
  • Jan Fagerberg and Bart Verspagen, Innovation, growth and economic development
  • João Lizardo Araújo and Adilson de Oliveira, Brazilian Electricity Supply Industry: a new technological trajectory?
  • Gabriel Porcile, M. Dutra and A. Meirelles, Real wages, technology and economic growth
Discussant: Leonik Gokhberg
Moderator: Rodrigo Arocena

14h - 16h - Room 13
Theme G: Measuring knowledge and other intangibles
  • Facundo Albornoz, Dario Milesi and Gabriel Yoguel,Production networks in old sectors: methodology and evidence from Argentina
  • Ana Lúcia Tatsch, Rodolfo Torres and Sérgio Almeida, Learning and cooperation for innovation at local level: conceptual aspects and indicators of RedeSist
  • Jorge Britto, Luisa La Chroix, Márcia Rapini and Anthony Santiago, Measuring knowledge flows in Brazilian productive arrangements
Discussant: Manuel Godinho
Moderator: João Saboia

14h - 16h - Room 14
IBGE Presentation
16h - Coffee Break

16h30min - 18h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Round table: Organising the research on innovation and competence building at the global level
  • Birgitte Andersen
  • Mammo Muchie
  • Judith Sutz
  • Martin Fransman
  • Helena Lastres
Moderator: Richard Nelson

Thrusday 6 November

9h - 10h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Plenary Session 4: Building development on a base of regional innovation systems
  • Stan Metcalfe, Economic development and the competitive process
  • Manuel Heitor, Richard Nunes and Pedro Conceição, Technological change and the challenges for regional development, building social capital in less favoured regions
Discussant: Shulin Gu
Moderator: Carlos Gadelha

10h30min - Coffee Break

11h - 12h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Plenary Session 5: The transformation of major innovation systems
  • Shulin Gu, Transformation and recombination learning in the NIS of China
  • Rishikesha Krishnan, The evolution of a developing country innovation system during economic liberalization: the case of India
  • Leonid Gokhberg, Russia: a new innovation system for the new economy
  • José Cassiolato, The Brazilian innovation system: old questions, new illusions, real challenges
Discussant: Richard Nelson
Moderator: Luc Soete

12h30min - 13h30min - Room Reginaldo Treiger
Closing session: Next steps in building Globelics
  • Bengt-Åke Lundvall
  • Jose Cassiolato Guisheng Wu
  • Manuel Godinho
  • Luc Soete

The First Globelics Conference
Innovation Systems and Development Strategies for the Third Millennium
November 2-6 in Rio de Janeiro