Innovation Panels

Local innovation panels are planned to take place in February 2013 in BASIC+ countries (Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Uruguay).

The goal of these pannels is to exchange case studies’ results with local actors, stimulating interactions and the exchange of experiences  between researchers, productive sector, civil society and policy-makers. 

Doing so LIPS methodology search for creating capabilities and finding joint workable solutions at local level, besides discussing policy implications and putting forward policy recommendations.

   Innovation Panel Reports   
 Brazil  APL e inclusão social: o caso da fitoterapia no Estado do Amapá
 China  Inclusive innovation in China
 India  The Innovation Panel of IDRC-RISSI
 South Africa  Research on Innovation Systems and Social Inclusion in Emerging Economies and Beyond
 Uruguay  Technological and social innovation in health care: the case of the Hospital de Tacuarembó, Uruguay