Research on Innovation Systems and Social Inclusion in Emerging Economies and Beyond - 

The RISSI Project

Recognizing the relevance of science, technology and innovation to economic growth, the RISSI Project reinforces the need to progress on a pathway that moves forwards inclusive development.

Grounded on the broad conceptual framework of national innovation system, the main objective of the project is to improve the knowledge-base on innovation systems searching for alternatives that may contribute to reduce poverty and promote social inclusion.

It will search for identifying and analysing some gaps of local innovation systems in order to uncover alternative possible routes for policies which seek the goal of inclusive development. The gaps to be addressed are those usually disregarded by narrow-growth orientated science, technology and innovation policies and the analysis will include a focus on productive and innovative systems and activities developed by the informal economy, micro and small enterprises and other local-scale initiatives.

Our hope is to add new and diverse insights to the analysis of innovation systems from developing countries perspective having inclusive development aspiration as the focus of our research efforts.