Capacity Building: Globelics Academy PhD-School & Seminar


The general objective of this component is to foster capacity building on innovation systems and development. 

The specific objectives are: 

 to create stronger capabilities within the academy on the issue of innovation and development specially focusing on the interrelations between innovation systems and inclusive development.
ii) to foster the interaction of policy makers with PhD students on the subject.


The Globelics Academy originates from and is connected to the world-wide research network Globelics-the global network for the economics of learning, innovation, and competence building systems. Globelics Academy is a PHD school created by Prof. Bengt-Åke Lundvall, IKE-group, Aalborg University, together with Prof. Luc Soete, UNU-MERIT. Its main goal is to support the training of Ph.D. students from different parts of the world and who are writing theses on issues related with innovation and economic development. The idea is to bring together frontier researchers in innovation with Ph.D. students from developed and developing countries in order to inspire and qualify their work as well as in order to help them to join high-quality research networks in their field of research. In this sense, the Globelics Academy aims at improving students’ ability to undertake theoretically informed and policy-relevant empirical work on issues related with innovation in firms and societies, and its relationship with economic development. 

Globelics is a global network of scholars who apply the concept of 'Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building System' as their analytical framework. The basic intention is to bring together relevant information about what is going on in different parts of the globe and to share experiences worldwide about methodological issues, analytical results and relevant policy experiences among senior scholars. In doing so, it is hoped to provide a continuous mixture of new ideas, thoughts as well as research and policy proposals which might also be of particular interest to PhD-students and policy makers. During the lecturers of Globelics Academy, the training of PhD students in innovation systems issues jointly with the discussion of social, industrial and innovation policy experiences will give these students the necessary capabilities and may provide the incentives to research and eventually to work with innovation policies for inclusive development adapted to each country context.   

Globelics network is connected through annual meetings, which started in 2003 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Globelics Academy offers a training course for PHD scholars once a year, having achieved in 2011 its eighth edition. International comparative analysis aiming at locating unique systemic features and policy lessons are stimulated within the network. These kind of research aims at enlightening policy making in the fields of industrial policy, innovation policy, regional policy, social policy, labour market policy and education policy as well as informing management of knowledge and innovation at the firm level. A current goal for both the Globelics network and the Academy is to seek to improve the analytical linkages between innovation system framework and the challenges of inclusive and sustainable development.

The next Globelics Academy PhD School will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20th to 31st August, 2012. The event is an important capacity building component of the RISSI Project. For more details see Globelics Academy 2012.