Globelics Academy

The Globelics Academy PhD School took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20th to 31st August, 2012.  José Cassiolato, coordinator of the BRICS Project is also president of the scientific board of Globelics and the main responsible for the organization of the Globelics Academy 2012. 

Globelics Academy 2012 will have a special focus on sustainable and inclusive development, taking into account the ongoing efforts to strengthen the research agenda in the area. The idea is to take the opportunity of supporting the training of Ph.D. students that have a particular focus on these issues and to promote their networking. In the selection process of Globelics Academy 2012 students that are doing their thesis in the area will have a priority. Also, lectures on the subject wil also be given a priority. Among the scholars already confirmed that will focus on these issues are: Judith Sutz, Jo Chataway, Rasigan Maharajh and Mammo Muchie.  The development of works on the issue will be encouraged in this context. 

In addition to the lecturers and student presentations that usually takes place during the PhD school, Globelics Academy 2012 will include a two day seminar on “Innovation systems and Inclusive innovation”. This seminar is one important capacity building component of RISSI project. It will gather not only the professors and researches from Globelics, but also policy makers. Brazilian policy makers to be invited  includes among others: the president of the National Social and Economical Development Bank as well as high level officials of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, of the Ministry of Industry Development and of the Ministry of Health.